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Model: Toini

Photographer: Ewuradwoa Ahwoi (me-ahoythere7.tumblr.com)
Hair, styling & make up by me


Lornalitz Baez in Torrid’s Lace Illusion Bodycon Dress

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American-Born Africans Who Pretend Like They Aren't African


I get disappointed and annoyed when an African kid born here talks crap about Africa. Acting as if they aren’t African. Child your name is Ekenedilichukwu Chinwendu Umewezi and your posing and saying your full name is Kenneth Wendall Weezy or Kennedy Wendy Weezy.

Like what…



Photo Series: ‘Frempong’ 

These images were taken during the African Women’s Development Fund and Femrite African Women Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop in Uganda, July 2014.  

Deborah Akua Frempong is a third year Public Policy major at Pomona College. A native of Ghana, Deborah is passionate about art as a form of activism and spends a lot of her time writing, and thinking about writing. Check out Deborah’s latest piece on This is Africa 'Yearning for an all-embracing African feminism’. 

Photo Credit: aminaolayiwola 

Amina, this is wonderful. Thank you so much!

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Steadfast love and faithfulness preserve the king, and by steadfast love, his throne is upheld.
- Proverbs 20:28 ESV


Praying for patience and fire this week
Patience to understand that it’s ok not to be exactly where I want to be
And fire to get me to where I want to be